Program and Curriculum

Program and Curriculum

Gingle Kids Early Learning Centre follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum delivered using best practices from early years education (EYFS) framework. We in GKELC offer different Academic programs for different age groups.

  • About EYFS

 The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a preschool education framework established by the British Government; it was launched in 2002, and has been recently updated. The EYFS program has seven primary focus areas.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED)

We encourage children to become independent and self-confident, and make positive relationships with their peers and adults. Successful personal, social and emotional development is critical for young children for success in all other areas of learning and development.

  • Communication, Language (CL)

We provide a language rich learning environment which gives children, the opportunities for speaking and listening and for sharing their ideas and feelings.

  • Literacy (L)

Through listening to stories and sharing a wide range of books, the children will develop a love of reading. At the same time, they will learn about the shapes and sounds of letters through songs, rhymes and our Jolly Phonics program.

  • Mathematics (M)

This area of learning includes working with numbers, shapes, space and measures, counting, sorting and matching. Children are encouraged to develop their experience of numbers, pattern, shapes and measurement through structured play.

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUW)

Young children are inquisitive to find out more and more about the world they live in and the people they encounter. Children at Gingle Kids Early Learning Centre will be encouraged to explore and investigate materials and to question how things work. This area of learning and development forms the foundation for future work in science, design and technology, history, geography, and information and communication technology (ICT).

  • Physical development (PD) / Bodily

Gingle Kids Early Learning Centre gives children lots of opportunities for healthy development of their body and their physical skills. Activities to promote gross motor skills include running, climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, riding tricycles, throwing and catching balls and bean bags and watering plants. Fine motor skills are encouraged using a variety of resources including play dough, paint, crayons, scissors, beads and puzzles.

  • Creative development (CD) / Visual / Spatial

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. We give our children opportunities to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through art, music; movement, dance, imaginative and role play activities.